Final images: Assignment 1, 2 and 3 & Conclusion

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Assignment 1: Portrait of An Anarchist


Assignment 2: How We Met

How We Met_Alex&Garreth_Character Portrait

Assignment 3: Food – Fruit & Veg



Throughout the duration of this module, I feel I have developed as a photographer. I have felt challenged by exploring briefs outside of my general comfort zone and as a result, I have learnt quite a lot about the editorial industry and the various methods and approaches editorial photographers must adopt when working to short deadlines and particular contexts.

I found this was particularly the case when working with people, arranging models, location, costume and time was more challenging than I’d anticipated, from this, you then need to make most of the time available to you.

I think I may have been more engaged by this module, if I had been able to follow a brief that was more relevant to my intended professional practice, particularly relating to wildlife as this is an area in which I need to build my portfolio.

However, I understand the purpose of this was to broaden our photographic experience and explore other markets that were perhaps previously unknown to us.

Overall, I have been able to work to the best of my ability to resolve each of my briefs and gain some insight into my own intended photographic practice.

To finalise this, I now need to consider how I might present this on Thursday.


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