Photos: Six Best Images

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

After reviewing and editing my food images, I was able to narrow them down to the six best images for my brief.

Within this, I had considered which were the strongest both aesthetically and contextually whilst remain relevant to editorial publications. An important aspect of this was looking for image that placed the main subject(s) towards the right side, as often with Healthy Food Guide, Eating Well and Delicious Living, there needed to more room above and to the left of the image, to account for text and other design elements.

IMG_6198 IMG_6208b

These first two images are an example of a more minimalist approach, subtle additions of colour contrasted by a clean, white background. I feel the resulting images were light and elegant reinforcing the freshness of the strawberries. The first acts as more of a cover image, potentially aimed at Eating Well or other similar publications for a June issue. The second could be used as an additional support image inside the magazine.


This image offers a very different appeal to my previous two, a more rustic approach with a stronger influence of colour, emphasising the visual contrast between the strawberries and the soft blue background. Overall, it feels more akin to a still life image. I like the background textures and the visually interesting shadows of the strawberries. I had considered this as more a centre page image for a feature on strawberry recipes.


This image is similar to my previous image in its colourful approach, however, the background appears as much less dominant feature. For this, I wanted the focus to be entirely upon a particular strawberry close to the foreground, with relevant contextual features in the background. This could also act as a cover image for Eating Well or Health Food Guide. It could also be paired with the previous image, acting as a cover and centre page feature for spring fruit or strawberry recipes.


This is one of my less colourful images, white bowl and white background. As a result, our attention is purely upon the fruit itself, which now appears much fresher and vibrant with contrast. This is one of the sharpest and cleanest images of my shoot and offers a broader appeal than the previous two images. It could act as a cover for Healthy Food Guide, Eating Well or Delicious Living.


The final image is also quite minimal, however, the use of colour and texture meets a middle ground between simplicity and homely. The strawberry in the foreground is once again the main focus of the image, although the composition and colour elements make the image feel less formal. This could act as a cover image for Eating Well or Delicious Living.

Narrowing my selection from here has been a difficult process, there are different aesthetic elements for each image but each are relevant to editorial food photography.

I will update soon with my final image.


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