Assignment 3: Final Images

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

In order to decide upon which image would be the most appropriate for this brief, I revisiting my research for health food magazines. I started think about compositional features, the use of space and colour and which image I felt best represented my own creative intentions for this brief.

I decided to use two images:



As I mentioned in my previous post, I would like this act as a cover and supporting image for use in health food magazine, in particular, Eating Well, Delicious Living or other similar publications.

This image stood from the rest for me because it finds a balance between the application and absence of colour. Overall, I would argue that they both have a strong composition, offering a subtle yet visually appealing representation of fresh, healthy strawberries. This could also be relevant other British food publications due to both the colour connotations of red, white and blue (British flag) and the popularity of strawberries and strawberry recipes in Uk summer food issues.

I am quite pleased with the resulting images, especially as studio practice and food photography in general, are fairly new experiences for me.


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