One to One session

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Prior to my studio shoot, I attended a one to one session with David to discuss my general progress, receive feedback on my second assignment and to ask for any advice in regards to my third assignment.

I asked about how my research was going and how I was refining research towards my own practice. Other than some very basic research, I hadn’t realized we needed to document more specific information. I have since then, started to build some strong ideas in relation to wildlife photography, which I decided to focus upon more due to having less knowledge and experience within this field.

I then received some feedback upon my second assignment. He felt the backgrounds were visually interesting for both of the main portrait I had sent him, however this sometimes dominated over the images too much, distracting attention away from the subjects. The second image nearby to Urbis, was too much like a vox pop image, with little evidence for formal staging. I had also sent him a more experimental image, one which offered a stronger representation of the relationship between the subjects. He preferred this image, as it demonstrated a greater sense of scale between the subjects, a less distracting background and seemed more expressive and visually interesting as a portrait.

How We Met_Alex&Garreth_Character Portrait

I was asked to at some stage to re-shoot a formal portrait using the same locations and models as there was some potential in my idea, but perhaps approaching it from a more environmental format, moving away from my subjects to gain an interesting visual dynamic and possibly soften the background to create a more flattering portrait. He seemed concerned than that I had constrained myself too much by the existing images used for How We Met in the Independent. If I were to re-shoot, I should ignore this context and aim to produce a creative and visually strong portrait to build my photographic portfolio.

Finally, I discussed my intentions for my third assignment, asking if I was approaching it successfully and if were permitted to use a more minimal and simplistic approach within our images. He reassured me that this was fine, providing there is forethought and evidence to justify my decision.

With this, I felt quite confident for my shoot on Thursday. Now, I need to decide upon which images were the most appropriate and successful.


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