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Research: Editorial Portraits

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To give me a basic oversight of the aesthetic qualities of editorial portraits, I start with a simple google search of the term editorial portrait.

One of the first results were a series of portraits by London photographer, Mat Quake.

New portrait photography from london editorial portrait photographer Mat Quake. Jake Morley approached me to take some portrait photographs of him for publicity associated with the launch of his debut album ‘Many Fish To Fry’ – now in the shops. I gladly took up the offer. Jake is one of the most easy going people you’ll meet and was pretty much up for anything on the day. So we got him balancing on his guitar with a hammer in hand (he hammers beats on his guitar as he plays and it’s inspiring to watch, not with an actual hammer!). A few frames enclosed.

I felt they were fairly strong portraits, there was an interesting and characterised element throughout the images, clearly identifying the purpose and narrative of the shoot. As well a beautiful application of light and colour.

David Giral _ Portrait

editorial portrait of actress Christina DeRosa, misty Christina, Palos Verdes, California

This portrait by David Giral offers a very abstract form of an editorial portrait. The cool, clean colours create a very ‘moody’ and glamorous atmosphere quite appropriate for her profession.

Photographer Jeff Mauritzen

Editorial Portrait sample taken by Washington DC Photographer Jeff Mauritzen

This portrait felt more familiar to the standard portrait used in many newspaper publications. Simple, uncluttered background, assisted by the narrow depth of field, emphasis upon the subject and well lit.

Tiffany Stern

An editorial portrait in an informal, indoors setting by Tiffany Stern. The nature of this shoot seems much more casual, although it doesn’t make it less effective in its purpose. Possibly using a combination of ambient and flash lighting to establish consistent light upon the subject.

Jay guitarandcasewildeyesbest for email

This is an editorial portrait in Phoenix Arizona of local acoustic blues musician Jay Taylor. I had seen the facade of this bar in downtown Phoenix and had always thought it would make a great background for a portrait, so when I was looking for a place to photograph Jay, I thought this might work well. I love this spot-the letters “Emerald Lounge” are actually falling off the wall, and I think Jay’s face has a lot of character that fits it well. I’m really glad I shot there that evening, as the next day they started to tear that wall down and redid the whole building. It’s now a Starbucks, but “The Emerald Lounge” remains alive forever in this photograph!

This is also another approach I have seen in newspaper publications, a more environmental based portrait adding substance to the story. I think this is a very example of an editorial portrait, its visually interesting, colourful, relevant with a clear sense of place and time.

Commissioned portrait series of Sandra Harnisch-Lacey

This next site lead me to a variety of tearsheets, this one is a commissioned portrait for real life magazine. It helps to establish how these portraits can be placed within a printed format.

Often the general format of editorial portraits is wide, sometimes supported by narrow portraits. This is unless the portrait is a main cover issue.

I will continue to research.


In our last group session, we discussed the various types of editorial photography were being produced throughout publications, in particular, newspapers and magazines. Throughout the session, we were encouraged to gain a basic insight into the genres/niches that appeal to us and why.

From this, we were set our first assignment for which we have been asked to take a portrait of an ‘anarchist’.

Professional Practice – Editorial Assignment 01
Portrait of an Anarchist

noun [ mass noun ]
1 a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or
other controlling systems: he must ensure public order in a country threatened with
2 absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual,
regarded as a political ideal.
ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: via medieval Latin from Greek anarkhia,
from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler’.

a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy.

relating to or supporting anarchy or anarchists: an anarchist newspaper.

Between now (the briefing date) and the next session (Tues 16th April) you are to produce an
image in response to the assignment title, an image of one of life’s alternative characters; the
title to the brief should sum-up up what you are looking for.

For group tutorial you are to present a print of your final image, no smaller than A5, no larger
than A4.

To accompany this assignment, there must be research evident on your blog, upon final
submission, of research into editorial photography; define and reflect upon who’s shooting it,
which publications are commissioning it, what styles are being used?

My initial response to this was a mixture of intrigue and concern. The subject of human portraiture is a fairly new development for me as a photographer, much of my creative approach involves natural landscapes and animals. Thus, this brief will offer a new and challenging task in regards to creative technique and composition.

Upon thinking of an anarchist, I had considered a friend of my partner, Jamie Herbert. Jamie is a Zoology student  at the University of Salford who considers himself to be an anarchist, expressing a desire for the rejection and deconstruction of government and authority so that the individuals within the social system can have the freedom to live as they wish.

However, what I find quite interesting about Jamie as a subject is the fact that he doesn’t fit the cliched representation of a chaotic anarchist. He finds the notion of anarchy meaning chaos to be a negative stereotype.

I will aim to contact him and see if would be available over the Easter break

I will continue to research editorial photography and begin to research the concept of anarchy, in particular, the options available for a portrait of this type.

Research: Magazines

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At this stage, I wanted to gain an idea of what variety of magazine publications are available in the UK.

Starting with…

Music magazines:

Mojo –

Let MOJO take you to the heart and soul of music with unique depth, insight and passion. The Beatles to Battles, The Ramones to Radiohead. Classic sitting comfortably with cutting edge and quality being the one constant. Platforms * MOJO Magazine * * MOJO Radio Audience Profile Discerning and passionate music aficionados, the MOJO audience is predominately male (72%) and affluent (36% AB). These heavy consumers of music see their passion as discovery without boundaries, genre and decade being secondary to quality.


Plug into Kerrang! and turn it up to 11. Metallica to Muse, Foo Fighters to Fall Out Boy, the UK’s premier multi-platform music destination bringing you the best in rock online, on radio, on TV and in print.

Q –

Since launch in 1986, Q has been the UK’s best selling music monthly magazine. With its unrivalled access it has delivered the world’s biggest music stars every month. 2008 sees Q herald a bold new creative vision widening its parameters to include the world outside music. Seeing life through the lens of music, it draws references from the world of sport, comedy, film and even politics. With the magazine at its beating heart, the world of Q encompasses a glittering new radio station Q Radio, QTV, and its legendary lunch-time knees up, the Q Awards. Platforms * Q Magazine * Q Radio * * Q TV – Sky 364 , Virgin Media 338 * Q Awards Audience Profile Open minded experience seekers, the Q audience don’t define themselves by the music they listen to. Music is an important passion, but their love of music will never be to the detriment of their other passions, such as film, sport and comedy.

Pop –

Pop provides a platform in which the world,s most sought after photographers and stylists are able to produce some of the sharpest images of the day, gaining exclusives with the world,s most famous cover stars such as Kate Moss ,Courtney Love and Agyness Deyn. Audience Profile The Pop reader is an un-adulterated lover of all things beautiful and gorgeous. Pop targets over 350 pages of super fashion and shiny art to these affluent creative thinking women.

Gramophone –

Gramophone has been delivering passionate editorial content about classical music since 1923. The magazine has guided generations of music-lovers towards great recordings of fine music. It has also been a companion to many on a journey of discovery in the vast world of classical music. Gramophone’s peerless reputation is founded on its acclaimed critical analysis of the latest recordings, in-depth features and interviews with classical stars, as well as its comprehensive coverage of live and broadcast music. Every issue a CD is given away that contains a selection of tracks hand-picked by Gramophone’s editor. Gramophone also produces an American edition, packed with news and reviews of recordings released only in the US. Its Korean and Chinese editions also thrive, with the Chinese edition attracting 30,000 readers.

Guitarist –

Guitarist is the most authoritative guitar title on the UK newsstand. The magazine is for players who are serious about their art and craft; each 220-page issue is packed with the world’s finest and most exclusive gear reviews, and all are demoed on the cover-mounted CD. Add in-depth interviews with guitar legends and new stars, plus pro lessons from top tutors and you have Guitarist – The Guitar Player’s Bible.

Photography Magazines

Practical Photography

Practical Photography delivers a diverse range of content that teaches photo enthusiasts to take better photos and how to creatively enhance them in Photoshop. We started out life in 1957 under the title of Popular Photography. It wasn’t until 1959 that we evolved the magazine and name to Practical Photography. Although a great deal has moved on since the 1950s, our first strapline still holds true today: Britain’s how-to-do-it photo magazine. Practical Photography prides itself on staying right at the forefront of both creative and technical advancement in photography. In recent years we have helped guide our readers through the digital revolution by testing all the new Digital SLRs and camera accessories, as well as offering photographers vital step-by-step tuition and advice on how to get the best from their digital cameras.The world through your eyes This gallery section showcases some of the creative and imaginative images that are photographed by our talented readership. It’s a great way to draw inspiration and ideas from the work others are doing. Know how A monthly technique section brings you heaps of shooting and Photoshop advice that will help you become a better and more creative photographer. Dealing with a range of abilities from beginner to more experienced photographers and touching on subjects as diverse as landscape, wildlife, portraits, still life, and Photoshop. What do you think? You send us your pictures and we provide the expert critiques to help you improve. With simple, down-to-earth constructive criticism and summary boxes, it’s a great way to get a measure on the images you are shooting. Cutting edge Showcasing some of the outstanding images being taken by professional photographers the world over, Cutting Edge brings you the inside story on what it takes to make the grade in photography. Photographer of the Year Great prizes, great challenges. Each month we set a new challenge and reveal the winning images from the month before. It’s free to enter and open to photographers from across the globe. Gear guide Bringing you the low down on all the new Digital SLRs, lenses and other accessories, our dedicated testers enjoy nothing more than giving you an honest opinion on the gear your buy. You get detailed analysis, ratings, and verdicts.

Digital Camera

All digital camera users and buyers Photography enthusiasts – over half for 10 years or more Over 50% of readers have more than one digital camera, 20% have three or more Average spend of 1,127 each on camera products in the last 12 months

News Magazines

Government Business

Government Business, now in its 14th year of publication, is published monthly by Public Sector Publishing. GB’s pages contain need-to-know features, news and case studies that explain the commercial issues affecting local and central government. Topics regularly addressed in GB include Facilities Management, Security, Energy, Transport, Procurement and Money Matters – a regular supplement on public sector finance, insurance and risk management. GB’s sister publication, Government Technology, addresses the IT and telecoms sectors, featuring technical case studies and up to date news on software, web technology, e-commerce and the progress towards 2009 deadlines. GB also makes sure that readers are kept up-to-date with the latest conferences and exhibitions by featuring in-depth previews to the most important public sector events.

InAvate Digital

The print,digital and online media source providing the latest news, views, product reviews and market analysis for AV professionals throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa. Essential reading for designers, consultants, installers, contractors and end users of audio visual technologies within commercial environments.

The House

The House Magazine, the unique weekly business publication for the Houses of Parliament and all those with an interest in policy and legislation. Published every week that Parliament is in session, the House Magazine provides unrivaled insight into the previous week?s parliamentary business as well as a comprehensive look ahead to the coming week’s agenda.


Research: Magazines (2)

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Sports –

All Out Cricket

All Out Cricket magazine (AOC) is a contemporary lifestyle publication that gets closer to the stars of the game than any other cricket title on the market Recently, exclusive features have included Viv Richards, Andrew Flintoff, Shane Warne, Michael Vaughan, Ian Botham and many more AOC’s young, lively approach to cricket is imbued with humour and irreverence, presenting a markedly less formal style than other cricket and sporting publications

Pony –

PONY Magazine uniquely caters for both the owner-rider, and riders whose only contact with ponies may be a weekly lesson at a riding school. Even youngsters who have little or no contact with ponies at all will feel a valued part of PONY Magazine. Quizzes and puzzles, pull-out, pin-up posters and things to make complement the instructional and interactive pages, and celebrity riders give top tips, too. Top show jumper Ellen Whitaker writes exclusively for readers in every issue, and there are always exciting competitions where readers can win items and clothing from top equestrian brands, days out at shows and events and the opportunity to meet celebrity riders. PONY Magazine is a one-stop pony fest for anyone mad about ponies. It’s the magazine ponies want their owners to read and remains the UK’s No.1 horsy teen mag!

Golf International –

At the top of his game The Gi Interview: Richard Simmons tees up the questions for the man many regard as the worlds all-time No.1 coach, David Leadbetter. Beaten at our own game Europe’s recent domination of the Ryder Cup came to an abrupt end atValhalla, as the American’s finally decided they didn’t like losing anymore. Andy Farrell, Paul Mahoney, Robert Green, John Huggan and Jeremy Chapman give their assessment on how and why. Lofty ambitions – Traditionally over-shadowed by drivers, putters and hybrids, the humble wedge is back in the spotlight thanks to a full range of technical and performance reasons. Equipment editor Dominic Pedler reports from the sharp end. So you want to be more consistant – Gi coach Andrew Hall prepares the tee for a comprehensive lesson on how to straighten out your ball flight. Find out how his advice can benefit your game.

English Club Golfer –

English Club Golfer was launched by PSP Publishing at the start of 2005 on the back of the success of its Scottish equivalent, Scottish Club Golfer. It is published six times per year and is distributed free-of-charge to golf clubs the length and breadth of England, making it the most widely-read newspaper for amateur golf in the country. It is also endorsed by the English Golf Union and has become renowned for its superb and diverse content, its dedicated team of writers covering everything from the biggest national and international competitions, right down to individual club events. As well as this, its dedicated sections for instruction and holiday golf, not to mention its superb competitions, make it the a real must read for all English golfers

The Players Club –

The Players Club a magazine by and for professional athletes launched in partnership with New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies All-Star outfielder Lenny Dykstra. The Players Club will be focused on providing athletes with the resources to make well-informed financial and lifestyle decisions.

Ten Goal –

We are delighted to be able to introduce TenGoal, a new bi-annual polo lifestyle magazine. The magazine was launched March 2007 and is a fresh and dynamic publication which meets the growing interest in the sport of polo and the polo lifestyle. The Guard’s polo club is fortunate to have amongst its many members society figures, famous personalities, senior corporate executives and the patronage of the royal family. The distinctive look and style has given it specific appeal to a readership dominated by the young and fashionable polo followers of today.

Yachting Life –

Sailing is a growing sport and Yachting Life is the serious sailing magazine covering the whole of Scotland. It’s no lie to say that YL has something for everyone each month. whether it’s boat tests, show reports or dealing with local issues at club level or reporting on local heroes on the race circuit, THE sailing magazine in the north covers it in depth. TEN Yachting Life correspondents seek out all the local news for monthly publication. That’s why YL is the real heart of sailing in the north. Web site,

Surf Europe –

The only pan european surf magazine, featuring the world’s top photographers, writers and contributors. Eight issues published each year, monthly during the northern hemisphere summer, (titled sufing europe in germany), published in english, french, german, spanish and portuguese.

Dirt –

Now ten years old, dirt continues to feature work from europ’s top mountainbike journalists and photographers. Dirt is a magazine for the mountainbiker who knows the score. Misxing the best downhill and 4x racing in the world. Published monthly as well as plus dirt 100, the annual special focusing on the top mountain bike products for the year.

Moto –

Moto is  he magazine for the motocross purist. Focused entirely on racing and associated lifestyle. With breathtaking photography and passionate editorial, Moto has paved the way for how motocross should be documented.

British Tennis –

The official magazine of the LTA, published 11 times a year. British Tennis delivers all the news and information about the domestic game; from interviews with key personnel and young upcoming players to reporting British results from key challenger and satellite level events around the world; British player ratings and rankings and a focus on key developments currently happening in the transformation of tennis in Britain are at the heart of the magazine. We work closely with the LTA Communications team to produce this A5 format magazine.


MATCH! is the number one youth football brand – including the UK’s best selling football magazine. It is the ultimate football fix, bringing its audience closer to their football heroes. MATCH! magazine features the biggest stars, the best interviews, and the latest football news every week. Online, is the daily interactive footy fix that brings the MATCH! brand to life, offering the latest news, games, movies, message boards, and the MATCH! fantasy league.

Home Improvement Magazines-

Your Home

Your Home delivers great value, easy to understand, inspiration for home decorating and improvements for every room in the house, in a contemporary and upbeat magazine. Refreshing editorial brings out the decorator in everyone, inspiring confidence and trust by showing how to make the most of their space.

Creative features on instant revamps and quick fixes sit alongside complete room makeovers and expert home improvement advice to arm readers with all they need to know to give their homes a fresh new look.

Your Home, every month, guides the reader step-by-step through a selection of quick and simple projects that not only look great but really work; from what it will cost to how long it will take and how you can do it. It also provides an invaluable source of information on what to look for when you buy and how to achieve designer looks within a realistic budget.

Homebase Ideas

Homebase Ideas is the official magazine of the Homebase retail group and is the only home interest magazine where the ideas can be achieved ‘right here, right now’.

Self Builder and Homemaker

Selfbuilder & Homemaker is published monthly and mailed to a controlled ABC audited circulation of approximately 10,000. Our circulation guarantees coverage of individuals involved in selfbuild and major renovation projects throughout the UK. More and more individuals are now involved within selfbuild projects. Selfbuilder & Homemaker fulfils their need to be regularly informed and updated with new products, procedures and legislation. ABC (audit bureau of circulations) independently verifies and audits both the number of magazines distributed and confirms the status of our readership.



Research – Magazines (3)

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Travel & Culture Magazines-

National Geographic-

The official journal of the National Geographic Society. It published its first issue in 1888, just nine months after the Society itself was founded. There are 12 monthly issues of the National Geographic per year, plus additional map supplements. The Magazine is available in its traditional printed edition and through an interactive online edition. On occasion, special editions of the Magazine are issued. It contains articles about geography, popular science, history, culture, current events, and photography.


100 Greatest Travel Secrets

Discover the world’s greatest travel secrets in our special anniversary issue. Wanderlust is the UK’s leading travel magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers looking for world class information and advice about where to go, what to visit and how to get there. Our in-depth travel guides have been written by experts and will help you plan your trip whether it’s an overland trek, adventure tour or a once in a lifetime travel experience.


Wizzit is the inflight publication for Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish-Hungarian carrier serves over 40 destinations across Europe, including Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow, London, Paris, Bucharest, Kiev, Sofia and Stockholm. It is published bi-monthly with a potential readership of 1,000,000 per issue. As well as providing in-depth and frequently updated guides to each city in the roster, the main magazine runs features covering travel, lifestyle, culture, food and drink, business and property.

Cruise –

Thomas Cook Travel Magazine, the inflight magazine for the best known name in travel has a readership of over two million per issue. The 182-page, quarterly, glossy, travel magazine is distributed to passengers on Thomas Cook flights around the world. Each issue features an exciting mix of trend and destination information with regular features on food and wine, property and celebs. In addition to the main editorial section, Thomas Cook Travel Magazine also features a dedicated 65-page inflight shopping section and inflight entertainment guide for inbound and outbound flights, so it is read by passengers returning to the UK as frequently as those flying off on holiday.

Time Out London

Welcome to the Time Out Group website, Within these pages you will find huge amounts of information about the world’s greatest cities.

Cooking Magazines

Waitrose New

The major UK retailers produce several high-quality in-store recipe cards, supplements, special features, promotional materials and magazines. All of this literature is available from Consume for shipping as a complete package, either on a one-off basis, or as a regular monthly mail-out. We assemble a FULL package of all available literature from the retailers each month


TANDOORI was launched in 1994 to fill the vacuum that existed for a vehicle of communication in the South Asian food and catering industry. The magazine has since established itself as a leading and a must-read publication for the sector. Read by key decision-makers, owners, managers, chefs, journalists and other members of the industry, TANDOORI is regularly referred to for news, views and developing trends in this 3.2 billion industry. With a print run of 12,000 and distributed to 9,000 South Asian restaurants in the UK, along with 2,100 manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors, the magazine boasts a total readership of 69,000 within the South Asian food and catering sector. Edited by Humayun Hussain, one of the most highly experienced food and hospitality journalists in the UK, TANDOORI has constantly kept up with the pace of this fast developing sector, regularly adapting the content and style to synchronise with these progressive changes.

Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas is a unique direct mail magazine that rewards and builds loyalty among Sainsbury’s top-spending customers. It is also the only retail customer magazine to be customised for three different target audiences, identified by an in-depth analysis of Sainsbury’s mailing database. Mailed direct to 1.5 million customers, it effectively brings to life the brand’s hugely successful. Try something new today campaign.

Food & Drink

FOOD & DRINK is dedicated to the art of entertaining and personal home enjoyment, inspiring readers with food, drink and d’cor ideas for today’s relaxed style. Loyal readers look to FOOD & DRINK as a resource for tempting recipes, up-to-date beverage alcohol information and imaginative home ideas. FOOD & DRINK’s experts equip home enthusiasts with sophisticated, yet simple, entertainment tools for relaxing or socializing with family, friends and business associates.

Gourmet Guide – Yorkshire

You are cordially invited to join us for the official launch of our new upscale monthly publication: Gourmet Guide Magazine! Enjoy with us a fun evening, and an introduction to our new upscale monthly publication, with food, music, beverages…..and a sail on Narragansett Bay aboard the Bay Queen. Bring lots of business cards to exchange with the many business professionals who will be attending.

Food and Drink International

With over 52,500 readers at management level or above, Food & Drink International is the most comprehensive medium for your Company. A must-read publication throughout the whole of the UK and Continental Europe no other magazine can guarantee the same high profile coverage. Providing an excellent medium through which suppliers to the food and drink industries can promote and advertise their products and services, the hallmark of Food & Drink international is in its editorial approach. Using the best journalists in their fields in order to ensure editorial integrity and independence are maintained, our regular News section with reader reply information provides a comprehensive news service reviewing business and corporate development setting the tone for the remainder of the magazine.

Good Food

Inspiration for your kitchen Good Food Magazine is a must have for everyone who loves cooking and eating. It’s full of mouth-watering ideas for quick everyday dishes, inspirational entertaining and other recipes you’ve ever dreamt of – all devised to save you time and effort. Food news, what’s new in the shops, gadgets, tips, giveaways and competitions – you’ll find it all in Good Food. Plus each month, there’s an exclusive 8-page guide to all the top recipes featured on TV.

Gardening Magazines


The Plantsman , published quarterly, is the RHS’s premier publication dedicated to a deeper understanding and appreciation of garden plants. Each issue features an informative range of articles written by acknowledged experts on plant-related subjects. It also reflects RHS scientific activities along with horticultural and botanical research from other sources. No other regular publication balances such an authoritative and accessible mix of plant profiles, horticulture, botany and garden plant development. Published quarterly in full colour, The Plantsman focuses on ornamental plants grown in temperate gardens. Under its editor Mike Grant the journal continues to broaden its scope while maintaining quality and accuracy.

The Garden

Each issue of The Garden includes practical design advice, plant and garden profiles and the latest news, reviews and topical events PLUS the monthly Diary of Events booklet and Compass . Join the RHS and receive The Garden FREE

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Science & Technology

New Scientist

New Scientist is a weekly non-peer-reviewed English-language international science magazine,[2] founded in 1956 and since 1996 also runs a website, covering recent developments in science and technology for a general audience.

The magazine covers current developments, news, and commentary from the scientific community. It also prints speculative articles, ranging from the technical to the philosophical. There is a readers’ letters section which discusses recent articles, and discussion on the website.



Discover is an American science magazine that publishes articles about science for a general audience. The monthly magazine was launched in October 1980 by Time Inc. It was sold to Family Media, the owners of Health, in 1987. The Walt Disney Company bought the magazine when Family Media went out of business in 1991. In October 2005 Discover was sold to two media investment companies. Bob Guccione, Jr., founder of Spin and Gear magazines, served as CEO for the first two years, followed by Henry Donahue. It was sold to Kalmbach Publishing in 2010, and the current editor-in-chief as of December 2012 is Stephen C. George.


Digit is an Indian monthly technology magazine published by 9.9 Media. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS 2011) it has a circulation of about 1,00,000 and a readership of over 2,49,000.[citation needed] The same survey results suggest that it is the most read technology magazine in India,[1] higher than even the combined readership of its peers (e.g., Chip, PC Quest, T3, etc.). It is circulated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and some other countries. It was started in 2001 by Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd and acquired by 9.9 Media in 2007.[2]

Each issue of Digit includes a magazine, two dual-layer DVDs and a mini-booklet called Fast Track. Fast Track is an in-depth reference guide to any given sub-topic of information technology, such as web publishing and open source software, or a product, such as Photoshop. The detail in the Fast Track series ranges from the beginner to the intermediate and often with references to advanced content.


Connect Magazine is a monthly technology magazine that’s designed to help everyday people make better technology decisions, make better use of their current technology investments and most importantly, become more comfortable with the technology around them, since it isn’t ever likely to go away.

Film and TV Magazines

The List

The List is an Edinburgh-based fortnightly entertainment event listings magazine first published in 1985. It contains listings, news and reviews of film, music, shopping, books, comedy, clubs, art, sports, LGBT, food & drink in and around Scotland. During the annual Edinburgh Festival The List becomes a weekly publication. It has a cover price of 2.20.

Doctor Who

The Brig is back! Actor Nicholas Courtney, who first appeared in Doctor Who in 1968, is returning as Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in The Sarah Jane Adventures. DWM caught up with Nick and asked him about his latest call to action So, how does Lethbridge-Stewart pop up in Sarah Jane’s world again?

Inside Soap

INSIDE SOAP MAGAZINE : Britain’s biggest, brightest and best-selling weekly soap magazine. A must-read magazine for soap fans and soap stars alike, Inside Soap’s influence in the soap world is cemented each year with the Inside Soap Awards – a night celebrating the very best in British Soap, where everyone leaves feeling like a winner.


The best coverage from the world of glamour including revealing interviews, exclusive photos, in-depth reports, royals insights and much more.

Fashion Magazines

Time Style & Design

The New Generation of Power Brokers: 22 to Watch in Fashion & Beauty” Gemma Ward wears a Giorgio Armani leopard print coat & Bulgari Theme sautoir. Photographed for TIME by Dusan Reljin. Styled by Katie Mossman. Hair by Kevin Ryan for Aveda. Makeup by Mariel Barrera for JOE. Manicure by Connie Kaufman for Louis Licari Salon. Set design by Stockton Hall.

Real Life Weddings

Once again the dedicated Real Life Weddings team has been working its poor wee fingers to the bone (well, almost) and we’ve managed to produce yet another amazingly fabulous and inspiring publication. Even if we do say so ourselves. We have 17 gorgeous stories for you, with everything from a Caribbean themed island wedding to a swanky celebration in Harvey Nics! All the stories are told by our lovely brides and grooms themselves, and believe us they’ve spared none of those all-important details. We also have some excellent competitions and giveaways, including a romantic break at the luxurious Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, not to mention profiles of 50 first class Scottish suppliers. Plus there’s some great advice from Guest Agony Uncles Ant &; Dick… AND celebrity make-up artist Louise Page spills the beans on how you can look like a star on your wedding day.


Issue 612 of Mizz Mag is on sale from 30th October and costs 2.10! This month Mizz comes with free purse or badge set! Mizz is the fortnightly glossy lifestyle girls magazine for 10 14 year olds. Its the first stop shop for exclusive celeb interviews and gossip and is packed with unbeatable, affordable fashion, beauty bargains and shopping pages. Featuring fun, accessible articles Mizz includes the reader in the mag as many times as possible. Be it as a model, star interviewer or product tester. It’s her magazine. Every issue of the 68-page magazine is a cool, balanced mix of fun, advice, fashion and celeb that no tweenager in the know should be without.


ASOSMAN magazine is a fresh, vibrant and stylish magazine with newsstand values, stunning photography and lively editorial content. Bursting with fashion advice, celebrity interviews, and beauty updates, magazine creates a relationship with the reader that drives them to the website again and again.


Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 21 national and regional editions by Condé Nast.

Wildlife Magazines

Natural World

The Wildlife Trusts partnership is the leading conservation charity in the UK. Natural World is their official members’ magazine. It is published three times per year and mailed directly to the homes of over 340,000 wildlife and conservation enthusiasts.


Ramblers’ Association has been delighted with the way in which Think Publishing has worked with us to make massive improvements to the look, tone and feel of our quarterly membership magazine, walk. Think is very can-do, creative and collaborative and we are enjoying working in partnership with them.” The Ramblers’ Association. Client: The Ramblers’ Association

BBC Wildlife

BBC Wildlife Magazine has the best and most informative writing of any consumer magazine in its field, all illustrated with world-class wildlife photography. With the latest discoveries, views and news on wildlife, conservation and environmental issues, and trusted further-information sources, the magazine is a ‘must read’ for anyone with a passion for the subject. Our aim is to inspire readers with the sheer wonder and beauty of nature and help them understand and appreciate the truly amazing world around them.

Wild Travel

Wild Travel is the UK’s only magazine dedicated exclusively to wildlife travel. Every issue we showcase a selection of the world’s best wildlife watching experiences, plus we have wildlife destination guides, field guides to individual species, wildlife photography workshops, kit reviews, expert travel advice and the latest wildlife and conservation news. Working alongside many of the most respected writers, photographers and tour operators in the business, it’s our mission to show you that you don’t need to be an adrenaline-fuelled adventurer or a member of a wildlife documentary crew to enjoy many of nature’s greatest spectacles first hand.

Throughout each genre and niche area of magazine publication, there is wide variety of creative approaches and subject matter used to create a visual narrative. For many, there is an emphasis towards portraiture, both studio and/or on location depending upon the individual editorial content of the magazine. For me, my personal interests are towards publications using the natural world as a subject; travel, environmental and wildlife. However,  I believe some of the most striking and visually interesting images were motion/action shots used often in sports magazines to reinforce a sense of place and time. With editorial images, there seems to be a great deal of importance in size, format, spacing and overall design, it is important that the images effectively communicate your idea but also work aesthetically alongside other images, design elements or text.










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I decided to begin with definitions of Editorial Photography, to gain a sense of how it socially understood.

Editorial photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren’t ads. The photographs that go along with the articles – even the cover of the magazine. Some photographers shoot only editorial type work, others shoot both editorial and commercial.

Commercial photography is essentially advertising photography – or photography for brochures, annual reports, things like that.

Editorial photography does not pay nearly as well as commercial, but with editorial, you usually get much more creative freedom, and you get a credit line. You do it to add to your portfolio – then show the portfolio to get commercial work.

Let’s say you want to be a fashion photographer. Would you like to shoot a layout of photographs for Vogue? Even if you only got paid a few hundred bucks? Of course you would. Then you show those pictures to potential commercial clients – they are impressed – and you make real money shootiing for them.

It’s far easier to get your foot in the door of lucrative commercial accounts if you have editorial tearsheets. Shooting editorial work might not pay the bills, but it will be a very good investment in your future.

Finally editorial/photo illustration in the most basic definition of the term it refers to photography commissioned for magazines, books to illustrate the written word. This is not the definition of editorial style however. Editorial style refers to artwork that tells a story or communicates a concept or idea. A very strong editorial image will evoke a feeling in the viewer and should be able to stand alone, without explanation. Atmosphere, lighting, composition…the elements and principles of design play an important role in weaving a visual tale. Editorial photography often allows for a vastly larger opportunity for creative freedom.